Thursday, September 6, 2012

Primitive Halloween Pillows

I wanted to share with you three Primitive Style Halloween Pillows that I made a few years ago using scrap fabric, scrap felt and some embroidery floss.  I used garage sale pillows for the forms.  Hope that these inspire you to make your own!

Harvest Pumpkins

Witch Costume

Signs of the Season

For the Harvest Pumpkin Pillow, I used a primitive stitch using embroidery floss to affix the fabrics and create rustic effects.

The fringe along the edge was just a strip of fabric that I cut notches into to create a primitive fringe.  I then sewed on the unfinished edge as shown.

The Witch Costume Pillow was a really fun one to make!  I originally wanted to add a "wart nose" as well, but I had a hard time making it look right.  Any suggestions?

Finally, the Signs of the Season Pillow was a combination of a few other pillows I wanted to make, but I ran out of garage sale pillow inserts!  So, I put them all together and I love it (especially the bat)! I used fabric glue on the felt and added diamond eyes to give the bat a little something extra. 

I pull these pillows out every Autumn and they always add that homemade touch to my seasonal displays!

The Fake-It Yourself Breakdown:

Homemade Primitive Halloween Pillows (Garage Sale Inserts $0.25 Each, Scrap Fabric $0.00)

Total Fake-It Yourself Cost:  $0.75 for Three

Compare to this Store Bought Version on Amazon:  $19.00 Each
Total Fake-It Yourself Savings:  $59.22

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