Saturday, November 3, 2012

No-Sew Turducken Banner

We have a crazy sense of humor in our house.  When we calculated back to when we thought our son was conceived, we discovered that it must have been on Thanksgiving.  Ever since, we told him that it wasn't the Stork, but the Turducken  (what is a Turducken?) that brought him into our lives!

That said, it seemed fitting to honor the Turducken this Thanksgiving with this cute Mantel Banner:

It was super easy to make with these supplies:

Drop Cloth Fabric from Home Depot, some cheap letter stencils & some rope.  

First, I folded an old envelope to make a triangle template to trace & cut triangles from my drop cloth fabric.  Next, I stenciled the letters and a little star for fun!

Then, I used some Fabric-Tac Glue to stick the triangles together at the top corners.  Finally, I hot glued some rope across the front.

You could make just about any banner using this method.  I put mine together in about an hour this morning and it was super fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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